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At La Villa Realty we are more than happy to help find the perfect property for your investment.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of the market we can deliver a comprehensive service, catering to your every requirement.

We have a long-standing experience of investments in real estate, ever since long before the economic crisis. Our expertise has seen us through the hard years, handling the portfolios for several of the biggest banks in Spain such as Santander and BBVA.

The development of several bigger complexes has given us all the more experience and confidence among clients.

With regards to making an investment on the Costa del Sol, La Villa Realty is your assured choice. Our professional team will offer advice on placing of investments, taxes and more.

The current state of the Spanish economy:

The Spanish economy is enjoying a steady rising trend. In 2016 the GDP grew by 3.3%. (The average GDP growth rate in the Eurozone was 1.7%  during the same period).

Spain already has a great international appeal with around 20% of property sales going to foreigners and the low growth expectations in most european countries now gives Spain an extra advantage. Spanish economy is expected to have a continuos growth in the coming years where the GDP is expected an increase of 2.5% for 2017.

The property prices in Spain are therefore expected to increase further.The prices of urban land in Spain has risen over all and the prices of commercial real estate rents as well as rental dwellings are also rising significantly in the whole of Spain. The rental prices are expected to continue rising during 2017.

The situation on The Costa del Sol is very positive, with numbers quite a bit higher than the spanish average. .

We are experiencing a growing interest from foreign investment funds that are now showing a renewd trust in the Spanish economy. Well known funds such as Lone Star, Blackstone, Torok Investments, Solus Investments and The Al Bidda group have all made major investments along the Costa del Sol lately.

As opposed to how the market looked before the financial crisis, there are now new regulations in place limiting the possibilities for speculation. Developers and investors cannot buy and sell unfinished projects, but have to complete the build before selling it on. This brings a stability and security as only the seroius developers are investing, which leads to a sustainable development in the real estate business.

News on the Costa del Sol:

In both Marbella and Málaga areas there are some exciting new projects in the pipe-line for this year. Several developments and new projects are planned such as the new port in Marbella, a commercial centre close to San Pedro, a big leisure park in Torremolinos and a 5 star luxury hotel in Málaga port, all of which will have a very positive impact on the region.

In our investment section you can find excellent and interesting objects. Whatever your aim, we will find your goal.

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