Economic trends for the Spanish market 2018

In 2016, when the economy market found its footing in Spain again, 14,000 million euros were invested there. It was a record year for lenders, both national and international banks.

2017 was a time of continued improvement and now after also the political uncertainties in Spain more or less are dispelled, the economical growth expectations for 2018 are even higher. Sectors like retail, logistics, e-commerce and technology are steadily doing better and tourism is increasing every year, both international and domestic.

The property market has been particularly lucrative for a few years now and still the trend is going upwards. Investors are very much looking at Spain as a growing market when it comes to properties.

The time to buy in Spain is now, when the market trends are pointing upward and not showing any signs of peaking for many years yet.

Just look at the numbers of economical growth expectations – whereas the general expectations for countries in the EU were 1.6%, the corresponding number for Spain was 2.5% for 2017.

For this fresh new year we barely just have entered into, the growth expectations are as follow, quoted from the European Commissions Winter 2017 economic forecast for Spain:

“Growth continues to outpace the euro area average On its third year of expansion, Spain has continued to grow faster than the euro area average, and GDP almost reached its pre-crisis peak last year. Growth surprised on the upside in the first three quarters of 2016, and reached an annual average of 3.2%, despite a slight deceleration in the fourth quarter. The composition of growth is expected to have been more balanced than in previous years. Although domestic demand is expected to have remained the main growth driver, the contribution of net exports to GDP growth is projected to have been positive in 2016 for the first time since the recovery started.”

So, we are confident when saying that now is the time to buy property in Spain, waiting too long will not do you any favours, the prices ARE rising and properties come off the market quickly.